Create a Gogo – yoga is the end all and be all

After offering lots of varieties of creativity and self-growth workshops, I keep coming back to what gives me the most joy to share. That always seems to come back to yoga, and the guided meditations that feel so peaceful and divine.

dancer's pose

dancer’s pose

Create a Gogo Yoga. Where you’ll find me sharing what I love.

Susannah Raulino, President on even years, Create a Gogo, LLC.

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3/22/14 = Free day of creativity, yoga, wine and cheese in Austin, TX

If you are in Austin, Texas, come to our Create a Gogo, LLC OPEN HOUSE March 22nd, 2014, at Studio Khabele 804 Rio Grande, Austin, TX 78704.

See website for details of all the free yoga, meditation, creativity and creative writing workshops available. Also, of course, wine and cheese.

Susannah Raulino and Vanessa Shields, owners Create a Gogo, LLC

Susannah Raulino and Vanessa Shields

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Violet Flame Meditation

New free meditation from Sanaya Roman/Orin about the Violet Flame of Transmutation.

I really am enjoying it. Sanaya is very generous with her free meditations, there are several on her site.  This one makes me want to do more ceremony and meditation workshops.

Please share in the comments any guided meditation sites you like.

Susannah Raulino
President on even years

Susannah Raulino

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Susannah Raulino

Susannah Raulino

Vanessa Shields

Vanessa Shields

Susannah Raulino, filmmaker and author of It Writes Itself: A Travel Guide to Writing Fiction, and Vanessa Shields



We offer workshops to adults and teens in creativity, creative writing and yoga in the Austin, Texas area to help you create to your heart’s content.

Visit our website:

Soon we’ll be offering audio and video downloads too…

draw to your heart’s content

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